technology integration
  • GualapackGroup’s mission is to provide integrated, efficient and safe
    packaging solutions, from multi-layer laminates to pouch filling systems.
  • First Stage

    Safta is the first step in the GualapackGroup supply chain. Safta produces the reels of multi-layer films. The main stages are:
    • Extrusion of polyethylene film;
    • Repro-work and engraving;
    • Rotogravure printing;
    • Lamination;
    • Reel slitting;
    • Laser scoring;
  • Second stage

    The next step takes place at Gualapack itself. Production at Gualapack is centred on the Cheerpack CP and Cheerpack DP. The main stages are:
    • injection moulding of caps and straws made ​​of polyethylene and polypropylene;
    • production of Cheerpack CP and Cheerpack DP.
  • Third stage

    Gualapack offers a wide range of filling machines for Cheerpack CP and Cheerpack DP with specific features and equipment according to the product and the filling process. The final production unit is the manufacture of filling machines for end customers or equipment for internal use. The main stages are:
    • engineering of filling machines;
    • manufacture of said machines;
    • installation and product support at the customer’s facility.