Recyclable laminates solutions for cosmetics products

Gualapack Recyclable laminates solutions for cosmetics

All around the world, consumers are becoming more and more aware of the effects of their daily behavior on the planet. In the cosmetic and personal care markets, “eco-friendly” has a lot of different meanings, from natural ingredients to the ban on animal testing, as well as a packaging that is not only functional but also coherent with an environmental awareness and consumer consciousness.

What should be done to minimize our foot print on the planet? Recyclable laminates are a powerful solution for cosmetics, such as packaging for creams, mono-dose masks, toothpaste and wet wipes.

Recyclable sachets

Many beauty-care products, especially the single-use ones such as face masks and promotional samples for creams, use sachets as their packaging of choice. Sachets are flexible, light-weight, high barrier and very practical, so they are very popular for personal care products.

Gualapack is a key player in laminates for press sachets, offering excellent film characteristics such as mechanical and chemical resistance, easy opening and premium printing.

We have developed a new range of monomaterial PP sachets, with excellent barrier properties and completely aluminum-free as well as Mono PE and Mixed Polyolefin alternatives

Innoweb Mono: recyclable mono-material laminates for cosmetics

In Gualapack, it’s part of our DNA to identify and anticipate future demands, requirements and challenges.

That’s why here we have worked hard to develop a recyclable laminate solution for the cosmetics and personal care markets. In 2019, we launched Innoweb Mono, the first high barrier tube laminate made only of a single material: PolyPropylene.

Designed for personal care, Innoweb Mono laminates can be collected, sorted and recycled in the PP stream.

Our new line of mono-material laminates for tubes is:

  • 100% momomaterial PP.
  • Aluminum-free.
  • High barrier and chemical resistant, prevents transfer of O2 and moisture.
  • Available in white, transparent or metallized and in different thicknesses.
  • InnowebMONO has obtained the prestigious HTP_CYCLOS certification, proving its suitability for recycling, with a 98% recyclability score.
  • Tubes can be correctly sorted into the PP stream and mechanically recycled into new PP resin for injection molding of non-food items.
  • The higher rigidity of polypropylene enables a thinner laminate wall thereby reducing the use of raw material, while maintaining the desired “bounce-back” effect of the tube.
  • Perfectly compatible with AISA machines.

Biobased laminates

We are very proud to have developed also another line of pouches and tubes made with laminate, spouts and caps containing biobased polyethylene.

Bio-based polyethylene is derived from renewable sources, that has a significant impact on the final carbon footprint of the packaging.

Compostable laminates

Adhering to the “compostable by 2030” vision promoted by the EUPS, Gualapack manufactures and produces also EN13432 compostable laminates for dry applications, such as powders or solubles in the realm of personal care.

Sustainability report 2019

Gualapack Sustainability Report 2019

Our journey towards a sustainable world is continuing and we now proudly present our second Sustainability Report. In line with our company mission we are committed to a sustainable business growth by taking care of the environment, the employees and the communities. In this year’s report, the measurement of several KPIs has been extended to all subsidiaries in the world to cover a global sustainable performance.

Gualapack launches the first 100% monomaterial recyclable pouches

Gualapack Pouch5

Gualapack, world leader of premade spouted pouches, is strongly committed to improving circularity and sustainability in flexible packaging. Now, we are proud to present Pouch5®, a range of 100% mono-material standup pouches, recyclable as polypropylene (PP), within existing PP streams.

Flexible Packaging = less waste

Flexible plastic packaging helps preserve food all over the world, and offers the lightest possible product-to-package ratio, compared to its alternatives.

At the same time, leading global consumer goods companies and retailers have started to renew their packaging strategy, transitioning towards an ever more circular economy while also aiming to comply with present and future legislation on packaging waste and preservation of the environment.

Gualapack, member of the Sustainability Committee of FPE (Flexible Packaging Europe), has also been actively taking part since 2017 in CEFLEX (Circular Economy for Flexible Packaging), a consortium representing the entire value chain of flexible packaging.

Pouch5: Gualapack recyclable pouches

Up to now, most multilayer multimaterial laminates and pouches on the market have not been suitable for collection, sorting or recycling.

In this framework, Gualapack brings on a breakthrough alternative: Pouch5®, a recyclable, mono-material PP stand-up pouch.

  • 100% mono-material, cap included
    All the elements of our recyclable stand up pouches, cap and spout included, are made of the same material, polypropylene, which is correctly identified for recycling within the PP plastic waste stream.
  • Gualapack portfolio of recyclable solutions will enable customers to meet the goals of the EU Plastics Strategy and national laws deriving therefrom, whereby all packaging placed onto the EU market by 2030 shall be either reusable, recyclable, or compostable.
  • A top performer in recyclability
    Pouch5® has obtained the widely recognized HTP_CYCLOS certification, with an impressive 98% recyclability score.
    Furthermore Pouch5® was also certified for its recyclability by Interseroh Dienstleistungs-GmbH, an environmental service provider. With a score of 20 out of 20, our mono-material pouches are considered very well-designed for recycling.
  • Aluminium-free and high barrier
    As a monomaterial, Pouch5® is designed without aluminum and is the first pre-made spouted pouch to be recyclable. At the same time, it offers a very high oxygen and water vapor barrier, for shelf stable products that undergo hot-filling and pasteurization such as Babyfood and Fruit Compote, as well as for less demanding cold-filled or dairy applications.
  • EU and FDA Approved

Baby food pouches and many more

Our mono-material pouches have already been chosen by important baby food brands around the world.

Jufico, a leading German baby-food producer, aware that German consumers are very well-informed and sensitive to environmentally friendly packaging, has captured the momentum. They chose Pouch5®, the Gualapack fully recyclable pouches, for 5 new references of its Fruchtbar fruit juices.
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Our monomaterial standup pouches have also been adopted by two Nestlé baby food brands across the globe: Gerber in the USA and Piltti in Finland.

Pouch5® offers a perfect sustainable packaging solution not only for food, such as drinks and juices, fruit puree and yoghurt, but also for beauty and personal care products – as for example soap refills or face masks – and home care, like detergents.

Many consumers choose flexible packaging because they know they produce less waste compared to the classic alternatives. With a recyclable pouch, they can find the perfect solution: a more environmentally friendly, light-weight and secure packaging.

Distinguish your brand with a recyclable packaging

Consumers are getting more and more interested in sustainability: avoiding litter is becoming an important element of choice between similar products.

Thanks to Gualapack innovative solution, now brands can offer to their consumers a more environmentally-friendly packaging, that can be conferred in the PP stream and recycled as plastic. We advise brands to clearly communicate recycling instructions to the public, using the PP recycling triangle on their packaging to help consumers know that their pouches can go into the plastics bin and can have a second life.

Now many companies around the world, in many different markets, from food to Home and Personal Care, from Cosmetics to Pharma, can easily offer packaging to their Customers, that has an intrinsic added value: Recyclability.

Do you want to know more about our sustainable packaging solutions? Contact us  or read our “Sustainability Portfolio

First recyclable monomaterial pouches developed by gualapack launched in germany

Gualapack Pouch5


Jufico, a leading German baby-food producer, will be the first to launch its organic brand FruchtBar in fully recyclable Monomaterial pouches without Aluminium (Pouch5®) into the German market. Pouch5® was developed by Gualapack, world leader of premade spouted pouches, and is the first pre-made spouted pouch available in high barrier recyclable mono-material. The 5 new references will hit the shelves from May 25.

German consumers are well-informed and sensitive to recyclability, and in Germany separate collection and recycling infrastructure of flexible packaging are among the best in the world. Jufico, under the brand FRUCHTBAR, has indeed captured the momentum and the needs of the market in terms of circular economy, spearheading the recyclable revolution with Pouch5®.

Gualapack Pouch5® is available in 2 versions:  for hot-filled and pasteurized shelf stable products, and for cold filling /dairy applications. Pouch 5® guarantees product protection equivalent to conventional pouches thanks to its high oxygen and water vapor barrier.Pouch5® is certified by Interseroh Dienstleistungs-GmbH for its recyclability. Interseroh is an environmental service provider and is best known for its dual system with the yellow bag / yellow bin. Interseroh’s highly scientific criteria for testing a wide variety of packaging have been developed together with bifa environmental and Fraunhofer IVV institutes. With a score of 20 out of 20, Pouch5® achieves the best possible rating and is proven “very good” for recyclability.

In recent years Gualapack has developed a vast portfolio of sustainable solutions to actively reduce the footprint of packaging. Thanks to the vertical integration of technologies such as extrusion, lamination, printing, pouch making, injection molding and filling equipment, Gualapack can offer proven and market-ready packaging solutions that provide effective answers to the industry, the environment, consumers and legislators.Pouch5® was recently adopted by Nestle (Gerber) in the USA and Nestle (Piltti) in Finland.

Ready today for your packaging of tomorrow

Gualapack Packaging

Gualapack commitment to a better world

During the last 5 years Gualapack has put tremendous effort on developing and delivering sustainable solutions to actively contribute to minimize the footprint of the packaging industry.

The company welcomes complexity and indeed it is part of its DNA to identify and anticipate future demands, requirements and challenges.

Therefore, leverage has been made on its vertically integrated set of technologies such as extrusion, lamination, printing, pouch making, injection molding and filling equipment – enabling an effective response to the industry, environment, consumers and legislators.

Result of the above is a renewed portfolio with recyclable and compostable solutions for food and non-food categories such as baby food and fruit puree, dairy, beverages, coffee and cosmetics among others.

  • Pouch5® first high barrier recyclable mono-material pre-made spouted pouch suitable for hot   filling and pasteurization
  • Pouch5® first recyclable mono-material pre-made spouted pouch suitable for chilled and dairy applications
  • Innoweb MONO: first high barrier recyclable mono-material tube laminate designed for personal care
  • Compostable, Bio Based, Recyclable laminates (LAMINEXT® – Family) for coffee and for lids for coffee capsules

If you wish to take part in the circular economy journey with a recyclable packaging solution on shelf visit the Gualapack website where the latest market-ready solutions will be show-cased as part of the company commitment to a better world.

Gualapack sustainability report

Gualapack Sustainability Report 2018

Sustainability has always been in the DNA of Gualapack. For a family company like ours, the future of organization and long-term vision have always been more important than short-term results.

When in 2010 we created our vision of “growing sustainably, competing with the best”, we did not think, that in a few years we would write a sustainability report: our intent was to emphasize that growth can be a goal only if sustainably achieved by looking at the future in the long-term.

While the report looks at the past, we would like to look at the future as an ambitious journey that has just begun, always growing sustainably, competing with the best.

Today we are going to share with you the first Gualapack Sustainability Report, which you can download under this link.