Food Bank is a non-governmental organization that seeks to reduce hunger in Mexico and particularly in the state of Puebla. Several companies, educational institutions and entrepreneurs collaborate in this great project.

Every month various institutions from all sectors are invited to prepare food banks and become ambassadors for the Food Bank.

During the months of July and August 2018 Excel Nobleza undertook the task of collecting rice to deliver it to the food bank. Several events were organised including a lottery: employees got a lottery ticket by donating 1kg of rice. Also, their relatives were involved in this initiative of rice collection, having the possibility to participate in the lottery.

A slogan was designed and included in all e-mails that were sent during the period when rice was being collected and at least 2 of the company suppliers donated 50 kg of rice each on a voluntary basis.

During that period, about 5,000 kg of rice were collected and sent to the food bank and for this the company was awarded at the ceremony that is held monthly among the food bank ambassadors.