Gualapack is able to provide remote assistance and installation service also in emergency period

Gualapack Filling Image

Even if we are all expecting to overcome this lockdown issue as soon as possible we have implemented a set of new products and service to keep our customers operations’ up and running.

The first remote support and technical assistance to the installation and start-up of the brand new CHP2H LOG3 machine was successfully delivered. The equipment represents the ultimate technology available for cold fill products which requires specific product requirements as it uses gamma irradiated and sanitized pre-capped pouches and caps

Thanks to the new technologies available and to the development of innovative features, Gualapack managed to follow this critical installation and production start-up, remotely.

In addition to the video tutorials able to train the local technicians and video calls to give direct support, an ethernet connection with the filler allowed us to keep under control the behavior of the machine and to solve problems on the spot but being far away.

A further innovative option is the augmented reality, means connection via holographic glasses that allows interaction with the local technicians having voice and video directly available on the visual field.

Even if travelling is not allowed and therefore access to our customer is forbidden, we have been able to complete the installation commissioning and start up the line ensuring the agreed timeframe.