Hand sanitizer: flexible packaging for sanitization in times of COVID-19

Gualapack Hand sanitizer flexible packaging

Washing and disinfecting hands has now become a habitual gesture, which we perform several times a day, wherever we are. Since the Coronavirus pandemic shocked the entire planet in the spring of 2020, the invitation to wash hands frequently has echoed all around the world.

In absence of soap and running water, the use of alcohol based hand sanitizers is strongly recommended.

Today all of us carry a compact hand gel in our handbag or backpack and we use the dispenser bottles available at the entrance of every office, shop or café.

This new habit has driven a sudden and massive increase in the global demand for these products. Consequently, also the production of hand sanitizer packaging has become a new priority in the market.

Gualapack, as a leader in the flexible packaging industry offers three different solutions for hand sanitizing products

1. 90 ML POUCH

Perfect for the “on-the-go” usage, it’s a pouch that can easily find its place in every bag, backpack or desk! Compared to traditional rigid packaging, the pouch is more compact and lightweight, and a strategic no-spill valve can be added to optimize and control the sanitizer flow if needed.

For the most environmentally conscious customer, Gualapack also offers this solution in its most innovative, fully recyclable monomaterial, as part of our Pouch5 range.


If the 90ml pouch is ideal on-the-go, big bottle dispensers are the most common solution for home, schools and offices, shops, bar and restaurants, wherever large quantities of hand sanitizer are required.


Gualapack suggests using large format refill pouches for refilling hand sanitizer into dispensers, as they are more lightweight and convenient for storage. Refill pouches are much more sustainable compared to rigid containers, as less plastic is used.


Easysnap is an innovative solution, perfect for the on-the-go and ideally designed to offer clients a more sophisticated alternative.

Easysnap is single-use and very compact, so it can be kept in any pocket, always ready to use.

Furthermore, consumption requires one hand only, as the opening itself is carried out by folding it in half,.

Worldwide patented, it’s a fun and easy to use packaging, ideal for a various range of liquid and semi-liquid products, hand sanitizers included, thanks to its unique single-use and optimal hygiene features.

All of our pouch and packaging portfolio can be customized to contain any type of gel, guaranteeing the highest standards of hygiene and safety.

At Gualapack, we are ready to respond to the huge increase in the global demand for specific hand sanitizer packaging, due to the pandemic. Moreover, we foresee that the habit of sanitizing hands will remain even after the emergency, due to the awareness of the importance of fighting viruses and bacteria in our everyday life. Indoors and outdoors, something has changed and our new habits are here to stay, so let’s be prepared.

Sustainable laminates solutions for coffee

Gualapack Sustainable laminates solutions for coffee

Gualapack’s roots are in Italy, a country where 90% of the population drinks coffee every day. As Italians, we will never say no to a good espresso. At the same time, we are very concerned about sustainability and that’s why we are designing for recyclability, also for the coffee market!

Gualapack offers a complete range of laminates for coffee packaging, featuring high mechanical performance and total protection from gas and moisture, in order to preserve fragrance and aroma.

Recently, we have launched new recyclable solutions specifically designed for the coffee business, including mono-material laminates and compostable lids for coffee capsules.

Recyclable laminates for coffee packaging

In the recent years, we have worked a lot in the direction of circular economy, developing more sustainable solutions in the world of flexible packaging.

For the coffee industry, we now offer mono-material PP laminates. Made of high-performance and tailor made polypropylene resins, they are designed for collection, sorting and recycling in the PP stream.

Gualapack has also developed LAMINEXT, a family of compostable and bio-based laminates.

Compostable bio-based lids for coffee capsules

Capsules are becoming the new most common way of getting a coffee, at home and on-the-go.

As part of our commitment to sustainability, we have developed our brand-new biodegradable and compostable lids for coffee capsules, made of raw materials certified according to the industrial composting norm EN 13432. (GMO free).

Do you want to know more about our sustainable packaging solutions? Contact us or read our “Sustainability Portfolio”.

Gualapack integrated packaging solution

Gualapack integrated packaging solution

With Pouch5, the first high barrier recyclable monomaterial pouch for pasteurized baby-food, fruit purees and dairy snacks on the market, Gualapack has pioneered a trend which will be the future of flexible packaging, and the unique Gualapack system is the reason why.

Premade spouted pouches in fact are part of a set of technologies and expertise that are all under one same roof.  First of all, lamination. Gualapack boasts nearly 100 years of history as a front-runner in film production, from roto-gravure high-quality printing to high-performance lamination for challenging applications such as baby food and pharma.

Then, pouch-making and straw sealing. In Gualapack we have the precious opportunity to try our hand on different pouch-making machines and on our in-house straw sealing technologies; this is how we mastered the much narrower process window of recyclable structures compared to standard pouches.

Last but not least, filling.

During the development process of the new recyclable pouch our goal was to minimize complexity at our customers’ sites and with that mind, our Pouch5 was tested on our own filling machines, the same as the ones that are already deployed worldwide, a priceless advantage of the Gualapack value proposition.

We offer you an integrated solution and thereby a smooth transition to the new monomaterial on your existing filling machine, without any additional investment.

The success story of Pouch5 therefore summarizes the great advantages of being able to offer a wide spectrum of capabilities and technologies in-house, without resorting to complex partnerships!

Recyclable tube laminates solutions by gualapack

Gualapack Recyclable tube laminates

Tube laminates are a preferred packaging solutions in cosmetic, pharmaceutical and even food industry, because they’re lightweight, safe and hygienic, protecting also against UV rays.

Cosmetic products for hair care, oral care, gels and creams – also in the premium segment –  are often packed in tubes, with many benefits for tube converters and brand owners, such as cost reduction and downgauging (same performance with less materials).

Nevertheless, most of laminates are multi-material, combining plastic and alumiunium. As a consequence, they’re not fully recyclable.

In recent years, reducing waste is becoming a very important issue and consumers are more and more concerned about choosing an eco-friendly behavior.

In Gualapack, we made a point of “designing for recyclability”, developing more sustainable solutions for flexible packaging, our core business.

We have always produced tailor-made tube laminates with high performance, without aluminium, printed or unprinted. A couple of years ago, we launched a new family of laminates for tubes. As its name suggests, Innoweb360° allows a 360° decoration, with extra glossy and metallic look, also with digital ink-jet printing systems.


INNOwebMONO: the monomaterial pp tube laminate

Now, as a consequence of our strong focus on developing sustainable and recyclable solutions, we have launched a completely revolutionary range of monomaterial flexible packaging.

Besides Pouch5, our recyclable stand up pouches, we are proud to launch on the market our new  line of monomaterial tube laminates.

Designed for personal care, Innoweb Mono tubes are made of a single material: PolyPropylene, so they can be collected, sorted and recycled in the PP stream.

 Our new line of mono-material laminates for tubes is:

  • 100% momomaterial PP
  • aluminium-free
  • High barrier and chemical resistant, preventing transfer of O2 and moisture
  • available in white, transparent or metallized and in different thicknesses
  • InnowebMONO has obtained the prestigious HTP_CYCLOS certification, proving its suitability for recycle, with a 98% recyclability score.
  • Tubes can be correctly sorted into the PP stream and mechanically recycled into new PP resin for injection moulding of non-food items.
  • The higher rigidity of polypropylene enables a thinner laminate wall thereby reducing the use of raw material, while maintaining the desired “bounce-back” effect of the tube.
  • perfectly compatible with AISA machines


 We are very proud to have developed also another line of tubes made with laminate containing bio-based polyethylene.

Bio-based polyethylene is made with ethanol derived from renewable sources (biomass), that has a significant impact on the final carbon footprint of the packaging.

Download our “Sustainable portfolio” brochure now or contact us directly to make a change towards sustainable packaging.s

Unwavering commitment during covid’s second wave

Gualapack COVID19

Due to the #Covid19 health crisis, the world is currently undergoing a period of great uncertainty and instability both in everyday life and industry. However, careful planning and new strategies can help alleviate the risks and fears of customers, employees and partners. That’s why we have spent the last few months making considerable investments in terms of time and resources in this direction.

Our company has implemented in all our production sites around the world a number of policies to tackle the current situation, including an extensive practice of smart-working, while our on-site employees are guaranteed the highest levels of safety. Investment in remotely-controlled machinery also contributes to our health and safety standard compliance.

Throughout the introduction of all new Covid-related protocols, we have continued to provide our high-quality packaging services to customers, without interruption to production.

Pouches and refills: a match made in heaven!

Gualapack Pouches for Refill

Reduce, Reuse, Refill…. Being able to reuse a rigid container endless times by purchasing a much lighter packaging is a great way to reduce waste. And it’s all about pouches, one of the most natural and increasingly common ways to refill our home-care and personal-care products.

At Gualapack, laminates for refill pouches are already a part of our portfolio and part of our sustainability journey.

Stay tuned or contact us for more info!

Gualapack sustainable products

Why a brand should turn to sustainable packaging? Stefano Manfredi, Global Sales and Marketing Director, explain challenges and advantages of a more ethic choice and talks about Gualapack solutions for brands in different markets.


Discover Pouch5, the first monomaterial recyclable pouch, compliant with the demands of the EU Plastics Strategy. 
Stefano Manfredi, Global Sales and Marketing Director, and Michelle Marrone, Sustainability Project Leader, present our new range of products and how Gualapack has been able to the first-to-market.

Tethered cap for spouted pouches: a new solution for sustainability

Gualapack Tethered Caps

Gualapack presents its innovative cap solution for flexible packaging. Tethered caps remain firmly attached to the pouches, reducing litter and anticipating the new SUP directive. Significantly lighter and antichoke-designed, compatible with  all our filling lines and even customizable in design, they’re a turnkey solution  for all  sustainability committed brand owners.

Gualapack is committed to be the trend-setter in proposing sustainable packaging solutions. Therefore, we have developed a sustainable cap  in anticipation of  future regulations, compatible with our pre-made spouted pouches – for which we are a recognized worldwide leader.

Compliant to the sup directive (july 2024)

IL European Strategy for Plastics in a Circular Economy will transform the way plastic products are designed, used, produced and recycled in the EU. The objective is to reduce the impact of single-use plastics (SUP) items on the environment, which represent about half of all marine litter items found on European beaches.

By 2024 product design measures for SUP beverage containers will be mandatory to ensure that caps and lids remain attached (i.e. tethered) to the container during its use in order to improve recyclability and ensure they do not leak into the environment.

The Single Use Plastic directive specifications for attached closures are still under definition, but what is certain is that all plastic caps have to remain  attached to the bottle (or, in this case, to the pouch) during the intended use stage, in order to reduce accidental leakage into the environment. That’s why Gualapack R&D has developed a new solution for its closures: the tethered cap.

The Tethered Cap is available in PP or PE.

Benefits of tethered caps for the consumer

Easier to recycle

Consumers all around the world are more concerned about the sustainability issue and will appreciate products designed to avoid  litter, and the cap is  easier to recycle if it’s still attached to the packaging itself.


But that’s not the only advantage of our new tethered cap: it has been designed following the criteria of safety and consumer functionality, to ensure a safe and comfortable consumption.

As per our iconic and patented Baby Cap, also the new Tethered Cap is in fact guaranteed anti-choking a very important feature not only for baby food.

Emotional design

Last but not least, we have developed a range of different attractive emotional designs, that the brand owners can choose or personalize according to their brand style and colors.

Tethered caps benefits for brand owners

Not only will the new tethered caps be compliant with the new EU Single Use Plastics Directive, that will enter into force   in 2024, but they’re also:

Taking into account that “reduce” is an overarching principle of sustainable packaging, in designing its new tethered caps Gualapack is making sure to optimize weight and functionality of each solution.

  • No need of adjustments on filling lines. The new caps are technology-proven on existing and new equipment and compliant with existing and future portfolios (equipment and packaging). The tethered cap runs  on all our filling lines just by adding a dedicated Cap Kit (available for new and existing lines)
  • Customizable: the first brands adopting the new solutions will be able to personalize the final appearance of their caps, as Gualapack proposes different design options to choose from . The caps can be plain, declined in different colors, or feature  special designs , such as simple illustrations on the plastic, or take on a  funny look,   for example adding facial elements such as holes resembling eyes.

Tethered cap specifications

  • The Tethered Cap is available in PP and PE and fits for Hot Fill, Cold Fill and Retort applications
  • Fits on all Gualapack pouches with 8,6 mm diameter spout
  • Height: 34,3 mm, Width: 32,4 mm
  • Ready for Industrialization Q1/2021

Click here if you want to know more about our sustainable packaging solutions