Gualapack supports the Pelicano Onlus in the requalification of the children’s care ward by donating a new room to the pediatric ward of the Piacenza Hospital.

On 9 May 2018, the Hospital of Piacenza was presented with a plaque dedicated to the SociAL donation made by Safta and Gualapack in favor of the creation of a brand-new room in the Pediatrics department.

Mr. Michele Guala with Massimo Ratti and Maria Grazia Torlaschi, the Mayor of Piacenza Patrizia Barbieri, the director of AUSL Piacenza Luca Baldino, the Chief of Pediatrics Giacomo Biasucci and the vice president of Il Pellicano Dr. Maria Angela Spezia were present at the ceremony.

Thanks to “Fondazione SociAL” the complete renovation of a room in the Pediatrics Ward has been financed, this way allowing the Il Pellicano Piacenza Onlus association and the Local Health Authority of Piacenza to continue on the path of redeveloping the facilities for childcare.

Piacenza, Italy