The Costa Rican solidarity movement was founded in 1947 to guarantee economic and social improvement within the companies. The solidarity association provides a lot of benefits to their members like easy access to saving plans, low-interest loans, health clinics, recreation centers and others.

Asegualapack, the association of Gualapack Costa Rica, was legally constituted in the National Register of Costa Rica in April 2016. The board, logo and name of the association were elected by our employees. Thanks to the common agreement (5% contribution of the employee and 3% of the employer), in July the association was able to show the first savings to their members.
Other successful actions were the organization of a raffles to celebrate Father’s and Mother’s day, Christmas savings and promotions, and the opening of the association office to better support their members.
The board is now planning the following projects:

  • Health fairs.
  • Fairs offering home appliances, clothes and other articles.
  • Activation of loans and vouchers for the benefit of the employees.
  • Typical activities such as breakfast, games, etc.
  • Hiring of an Association Administrator.

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